London Taxi Driver Earns
£37k p/m With Bitcoin
Then Quits His Job…

How Ordinary Men Are Earning £380/Hour Working From Home.

London Taxi Driver, George Taylor.

Taxi driver George went from zero to £37,000 per month working from home. His personal story is like no other. Born out of low earnings, failure and despair, it transformed his life within months!

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Who says all the Bitcoin success has to go to finance professionals?

For our quarterly finance report, we sat down with self-made Bitcoin entrepreneur and London Taxi Driver, George Taylor, who has personally earned more than £37,000 last month with Bitcoin.

He shared his exclusive trick to help ordinary men earn £380/hour from home!

George Taylor got started with Bitcoin in mid 2018 after an unsuccessful attempt to earn a living as a taxi driver which left his family nearly broke.

I tried in vain to make money in London driving a taxi however it just wasn’t working. High competition and Uber Drivers undercutting made it practically impossible for me to provide for my family.

My wife worked part-time, but my very low earnings hit us hard. I needed reliable income…fast. That’s when I really started researching Bitcoin, George says.

George says his biggest fear at first was entering a completely new, unknown industry. “At first I thought, ‘how am I going to make money using this? I’m just a dad who could not earn enough. I have no in-depth computer skills or a fancy degree in finance like some of those Bitcoin ‘hot shots’ you hear about on the news” George shared.

“I thought, ‘I’m just a taxi driver who could not earn enough. How am I going to make money with this?'”

London Taxi Driver, George Taylor quits his job after making money with bitcoin.

During his long hours of research, George found an advertisement saying he could earn up to £13,000 in the next 24 hours using a system called Bitcoin Lifestyle. “It had some really great reviews from some of the top Bitcoin investors, so I felt safer signing up for the system” George shared.

The Bitcoin Lifestyle is an online system that teaches you how to use internet sites to make money online with Bitcoin. It uses revolutionary algorithms to actually determine and recommend whether or not the value of Bitcoin is going up or down. All you have to do is fill out a short form to get access to the system.

After just two weeks using the Bitcoin Lifestyle system, George had made over £18,733.

“I was shocked! I couldn’t believe how easy it was to make money” George said.

George has been featured on local entrepreneur blogs and on internet crypto currency podcasts. When we found his success story, we had to feature it in our quarterly finance report. We asked him to give some exclusive advice to our readers:

“Bitcoin may seem like an impossible challenge today. It’s easy to get into it, but impossible to rise up and be successful unless you know the insider tricks. If you are struggling like I was, I really recommend joining Bitcoin Lifestyle today.”

Join an exclusive group where you get information and make money!. If you are struggling like I was, I really recommend joining today.
London Taxi Driver, George Taylor.

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